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K9 Training & Certification for K9 Teams across Colorado, Wyoming & Utah

All of these dogs have trained and/or certified with High Desert K9. The K-9’s listed on this page have retired.

Retired K9 Teams

Officer Amanda Olguin and K9 Fen

Rock Springs Police Department (Wyoming)

K9 Fen is a rescue dog out of Colorado who was given a second chance. Fen and his handler Amanda Olguin have been paired since 2016. Fen is certified in narcotics and patrol apprehension with High Desert K9 Association and the National Police K9 Association. Fen enjoys his job and loves his human family. Fen continues to strive and overcome the obstacles he’s faced with. His handler and Agency could not be more proud of him.

Deputy Garrett Duncan & K9 Makai

Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office (Colorado)

Makai is a floppy-eared, 3-year-old chocolate lab. He is a narcotics detection and tracking K9 for Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office. Makai and his handler, Deputy Garrett Duncan, have been a team since Makai was 8 weeks old. Makai spends his days at work with Deputy Duncan or playing outside with his other four-legged counterparts, Hawi (Haa-Vee) and Taco. Makai loves hitting the road to work and visit with everyone he meets!

Sergeant Nathan Opsahl & K9 Danny

Grand County Sheriff’s Office (Colorado)

K9 Danny is a 7-year-old German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix and a dual-purpose patrol/narcotics police K9. Danny is assigned to and works with Sergeant Nathan Opsahl. Sgt Opsahl and K9 Danny have been working together since 2015. K9 Danny likes going for swims, playing ball, being sassy, and barking on the radio. K9 Danny has a strong dislike for suspects that have the intent to cause havoc on the fine citizens of Grand County.