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K9 Training & Certification for K9 Teams across Colorado, Wyoming & Utah

High Desert Police K9 Association (HDPK9A) was developed in 2021 by Western Colorado K9 handlers and trainers. They realized there was a need to offer training and certifications to K9 handlers at smaller departments in Western Colorado, Eastern Utah, and Wyoming. A great deal of the time smaller departments can not afford to send their handlers to training and certification. They often train alone, and don’t have resources to rely on. HDPK9A has instructors and trainers willing to travel to instruct these K9 teams at no cost to the handler or department. HDPK9A covers these expenses. The training and certifications helps the K9 teams meet if not exceed the national standards set forth by court cases, and nationally recognized associations. HDPK9A also offers funds to assist handlers with medical expenses incurred after their K9 partners retire from service. Veterinarian care can be expensive, none of which is covered by the agencies the K9’s worked for.